Trigno Custom ERP

The simple customer-centric ERP SOLUTIONS

Trignotec is skilled in ERP with the latest business process management software enabling an organization.

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To use a system of integrated applications for management of business and automate number of back office functions related to services technology and human resource.

Our ERP software strategically integrates all facets of an operation that includes product planning development, sales and marketing in a single data base, application and user interface.


Categorically ease two-way enterprise application designed for larger business requiring dedicated team to customize and analyze the data to handle upgrades and deployment, whereas small businessERP application in contrast are light weighted business management software solutions,mostly customized for a specific business industry or project .On the whole ERP software we provide consist of multiple enterprise software modules according to the needs and capability of our organization .The most common modules to name are those for product planning, material purchasing, marketing, distribution, accounting and HR.


Last couple of years have unlashed new technology trends, mobile ERP,social ERP Two tier ERP. Our company attempts to build an all-encompassing ERP system to take care of every aspect of customer requirements.

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